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entitlements and spending on the entitlements. that's just not something our framers thought about because -- we didn't have a welfare state in those days. >> glen, are you all right? >> i'm fine. >> okay, good. apologize for that by the way. >> i love live tv. >> that's okay. that's what happens when you criticize the welfare state. [ laughter ] >> bret: there you go. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> this is the fox report. tonight, more fallout from the attack in benghazi. u.n. ambassador susan rice is out as the next secretary of state. so who will replace hillary clinton? and a former united states marine locked up in mexico.
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>> right when he crossed the border. still, the mexican police put him behind bars for carrying a gun and they have left him locked up for months. >> he is tough. somebody is making extortion demands and that say it's time to bring their son home. software mogul john mcafee on the run from the law now back in the united states and as usual he has plenty to say. >> i don't think anybody thinks i murdered my neighbor, except you, the press. >> i have tons of evidence about the corruption, the harassment. if you ever ever tasted guatemala jail food it's not very nice and i would like some sushi. >> harris: after that whole heart attack thing yeah, mcafee has a confession about that. >> the plot against hot star justin bieber. word of a plan that involves
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kidnapping. multiple murder and castration by shears. >> racing a horse. wait until you see how it ended. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. united nations ambassador susan rice is out of the running. to be the next secretary of state. she asked president obama to take her off the list and he says he has accepted her decision. but he is blasting her republican critics for what he calls unfair and misleading attacks on rice. some republican senators threb to block rice's because of her comments about that attack on the outpost in benghazi. terrorists killed our u.s. ambassador to it libya chris stevens and three other americans on september 11th of this year. three days later ambassador rice went on the talk show circuit and said several times u.s. officials believed the violence was a spontaneous reaction over protests to anti-muslim video not a preplanned terrorist attack. intelligence officials say
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they gave her those talking points but those opponents did not back down and today ambassador rice sent the letter to the president, quote: i am now convinced that the confirmation process would be lengthy, disruptive and costly to you and to our most pressing national and international priorities. that tradeoff is simply not worth it to our country, end quote. we have team fox coverage now. catherine herridge is live on capitol hill where lawmakers got another classified briefing on benghazi today. first though to ed henry live at the white house. ed, what's the reaction there? good evening, harris. there is disappointment here because i said over the decision last few days, he wanted susan rice to ambassador up to secretary of state. he knew it would be too much of a bruising battle, not just threatened filibuster from conservative republicans like john mccain and lynsey gram, collins who would be likely to support the president's nominees said she was troubled
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by the potential nomination. the president tried to put the best face on this in a statement where he said, quote: i have every confidence that susan was limitless capability to serve our country now and in the years to come. in fact, we're told she is expected to at least stay on as u.n. ambassador if not take another position. susan rice, by the way, in that letter to the president, went on to say, quote: we cannot afford such an irresponsible distraction from the most pressing issues facing the american people. there is no doubt that she was referring not just to the threatened filibuster but the fact that we have a whole host of international issues as wells the president in the middle of these very tense budget negotiations as well, harris. >> harris: and some activity about the group that surrounds the president as a cabinet. we understand that this is just a first in series of moves. >> that's right. top democrats are telling me that chuck hagel, the former republic senator is now the leading contender to become the next defense secretary. leon panetta expected to step down in the books ahead.
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interesting because it could give the president bipartisanship in the cab nevment also what's interesting is that there might be a whole series of other shuffles. i'm told she is being looked at for national security advisor inside the white house. the key being she wouldn't need senate confirmation. republicans could not filibuster it. she would replace tom donilin by the way. some people talking him up to be white house chief of staff. the current chief of staff there jack lew might become the treasury secretary. so basically it's a game of musical chairs,. >> harris: hairs back to hillary clinton leaving. if it isn't ambassador rice senator john kerry said to be on a short list as well and maybe a frontrunner. >> is he all but the nominee at this point when you talk to top democrats. they have gone through the vetting. is he somebody who a member of the senate club. so he is likely to be confirmed. wouldn't have the same troubles as susan rice. one potential rod road block scott brown. if john kerry does become secretary of state that opens up the seat there would be a special election.
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scott brown likely to run. some democrats tonight nervous that they could gain a new secretary of state in john kerry but lose that senate seat in massachusetts. bottom line the white house made a bigger political calculation tonight, harris, they did not want to start this second term off with a messy battle over benghazi. >> harris: thank you very much. one u.s. official says the state department may not he release the report on its own benghazi negotiation. team fox coverage continues now. catherine herridge live for us on capitol hill. does the department have to release that report? >> well, thank you, harris and good evening. tonight fox news has reviewed the regulations here. there are 15 pages long that governor the state department's interrible investigation there does not appear to be a requirement for secretary of state hillary clinton to give the entire report to congress. there only seems to be a requirement for the secretary to provide a written sum troy congress findings of the report so we may be looking at another looming battle giving that entire report here to capitol hill, harris.
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>> you see secretary clinton in video there. conflicting reports today about whether or not she would actually testify on capitol hill at this point. >> we had a whole back and forth today with two congressional committees saying that they expect secretary of state hillary clinton to be here on capitol hill a week today for at least one pluck hearing into the public hearing into the again benghazi negotiation. earlier today state department told reporters that may be flexible because internal review called the accountable review board or arb is not finished. >> the arb is kin continuing to do its work to my knowledge, it has not yet concluded its work. as you know, it's decided to keep its deliberations confidential until it is finished. as we have been saying, our expectation is that after the arb reports to the secretary, then she will have consultations with congress.
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>> harris: one congressional staff told fox this evening that in fact the situation does appear very fluid and that if things move a little bit more quickly they could see the secretary of state up here on capitol hill before thursday, harris. >> harris: capitol hill a busy place for classified briefings. another one today. >> that's right. we had two closed classified briefings. one before the house intelligence committee. the second before the senate intelligence committee. fox news was told lawmakers were in essence given in that briefing an assessment of the investigation has been pretty slow-going. in part because the libyan government, for example, does not have control over the eastern part of benghazi where -- eastern part of libya where you find benghazi. that's rather in the control of the militias. one leading democrat characterized the progress as limited. >> well, there is still a lot more to do. facts now we are using our techniques and using our relationships with other governments to find out who
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did in and why they did it. earlier this week the attorney general eric holder was asked by fox for his assessment fbi investigation into response to claims that it seemed somewhat slow or stalled. he said there has been a lot of the progress. just some of it is happening behind the scenes, harris. >> catherine herridge reporting behind the scenes. thank you. in afghanistan now. a bomber blew himself up in an attack that left one u.s. soldier dead and wounded several others it happened shortly after a visit from defense secretary leon pa net attachment the attack happening near kandahar air field in the southern part of the country. the defense secretary has visited that air field just less than three hours earlier. his spokesperson says there is no sign the attacker was trying to target him. defense secretary panetta also meeting with afghan president harmid karzai in afghanistan and announcing that next month president karzai will come to the united states to meet with president obama about the future of the u.s. presence in that country. house speaker john boehner meeting with president obama
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tonight to try to work out a way to keep the country from falling off the so-called fiscal cliff. their sitdown wrapping up a short time ago. we will take you live back to capitol hill for an update on their progress. plus, former president george h.w. bush has been in the hospital now for weeks. and with christmas coming up, you know he has to be itching to get home. we'll tell you what the doctors are saying about that. stay close. ♪
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>> a short time ago we watched and reported as it was happening on house speaker john boehner making the 10-minute or so drive to the white house to meet with the president for the second time this week. just 19 days to go until they are set to or we're set to plunge off the so-called fiscal cliff. but who knows if this actually gets us any closer to a deal. to stop that from happening. economists warning the combination of tax hikes and spending cuts kicking in on new year's day could send us into another rescission. mike on capitol hill now.
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what do we know about tonight want meeting. >> harris, we're told it was 50 minutes long. both sides it was frank and won't be any further readout meeting and lines of communication remain open. earlier this the day it was not so cooperative. in fact, speaker boehner was quite critical of the white house. >> unfortunately the white house is so unserious about cutting spending that it appears willing to slow walk any agreement and walk our economy right up to the fiscal cliff. >> now the administration official tells us that treasury secretary tim geithner was a participant in that 50 minute meeting in the oval office with the president of the united states and the speaker in the house of representatives. harris? >> harris: there is procedurally a lot ha has to be done to put anything they would decide on into motion. top democrats are suggesting time may be running out to do what they call a grand bargain and that they might need to come up with a plan b. >> that is true although president obama did an interview with an affiliate in
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minneapolis, wcco and says he is still optimistic that this can get done. he says he is open to more spending cuts and would like to pair it with revenues so we shall see. earlier in the day the white house press secretary essentially said this could be a plan b. >> >> in case of emergency, the house should break the glass, the house speaker ought to allow the republicans to vote on extending tax cuts for 98% of the american people that would deal with a chunk of the so-called fiscal cliff. >> now, i talked to a variety of aides here on capitol hill about that idea of the plan b or so. they say there are lots of ideas floating around. tonight, of course, the big news is that the president and the speaker of the house meeting face to face in the oval office and we will see at some point if there is progress, harris. >> harris: mike emanuel from capitol hill, thank you. congress also considering a 60 billion-dollar relief package for victims of super storm sandy. and now more than 125 leading
4:16 pm
ceos in new york urging lawmakers to approve this thing. among them, top executives from time warner, bloomberg, morgan stanley and the nba. joining governors from new york, new jersey, and connecticut asking congress to get it done before they break for the holidays. they say it's already taken congress too long to act in the aftermath in the disaster. president george h.w. bush should be able to celebrate christmas at home with his family. mr. bush, who is 88 years old, has spent nearly three weeks in the hospital in texas where doctors have been treating him for a cough related to bronchitis. a hospital spokesperson saying our nation's 41st president is improving and doctors do expect him to be able to it go home by the holiday. the syrian government's biggest ally now admitting the civil war raging there may well doom the regime. hear how u.s. officials are responding. and as the investigation continues into the plane crash that killed pop star jenny
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>> harris: the syrian government that has been slaughtering its own people for nearly two years is on the brink of collapse. that from the head of nato. he he says it's only a matter of time before bashar assad is out oof power. assad wants most powerful ally seems to be losing hope. today a russian official said for the first time the rebels might win the civil war. as he put it, we have the facts. he also revealed moscow is making plans to evacuate thousands of russian citizens from syria. the fallout of assad would also be a huge blow to his other allies, iran and the
4:21 pm
terror group hezbollah. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt live in our new york city newsroom now. jonathan, this change of tone from the hutions seems to be very significant. >> yeah it, certainly is. because russia remember has been president bashar assad's greatest ally and protecter. if they are changing their tone now, accepting that the rebels are getting closer and closer to assad's power center in damascus through the violence that we have seen intensifying over the last couple of weeks, it signifies that the russians are realizing that their greatest friend in the middle east is about to be out of power and they better pretty quickly start making some new friends among the rebel opposition. officials say they are simply pleased to see the russians finally facing up to reality, listen. >> we agree that assad will not be a part of syrians future. we have noted as the media has the progress that the
4:22 pm
opposition has been making. we still believe that for the sake of the syrian people assad ought to leave now. >> now the questions remain of course how long does president assad -- can president assad hold on? how desperate does he get while he does that and in that desperation, what kind of extreme measures might he take? what kind of weapons might he use against the opposition and his own people, harris. >> harris: syrian officials seem to be in a state of denial about all of. this certainly. we haven't heard from president assad himself. but we did hear extensively today from his information minister who trotted out some well warned government conspiracy theories. for instance, saying that the western accusations that the syrian government has used scud missiles is just a lie. that the talk of assad's days being numbered is an attempt by the international community to kind of create a self-fulfilling prophecy. he also talked about the
4:23 pm
russian position and rather curiously said it hasn't changed at all. listen. >> i don't think there any change in the russian positions. the only thing that the american position came closer to the russian position. for example, the russians have listed a terrorist group, that means the americans are coming closer to the russian's side. i'm convinced there is no change in -- >> whether that was intentionally misleading or not, it certainly seems divorce from reality to suggest that the u.s. position is moving closer to the russians. rather than visa versa. remember, saddam hussein's information minister during the war in iraq seems we may have another baghdad bub on her hands, harris. >> harris: divorce indeed. may it will started to sink in with they start pulling out of that country. thank you very much. it is not looking so good for the man who called a former american president the devil.
4:24 pm
venezuelan president hugo chavez suffered bleeding during his cancer surgery in cuba according to the country's information minister. doctored reportedly had to perform corrective measures to stop the bleeding. chavez just won a six year term, brand new as president. it's appearing more unlikely that he will actually be well enough to return from cuba in time for next month's inauguration. the remains of the singer and reality star jenny rivera now headed back home to the united states. that's according to government officials in mexico. she died there on sunday when a lehrer jet she crashed on crashed after taking off in the northern part of the country. rivera was enormously popular with more than 15 million albums sold. abc news confirming she had been talking with the network about starring in a sitcom. her fame apparently attracted some souvenir hunters. officials say they have arrested two police officers
4:25 pm
for stealing items from the crash site. earlier this week a mexican transportation official said rivera's jet plunged nearly vertically from 28,000 feet in the air and may have hit the ground at more than 600 miles per hour. the family of a former u.s. marine says he is stuck in a prison inside mexico all because of an honest mistake. there is word now his life could be in danger. returning to u.s. lawmakers for help. plus, the very unusual criminal case involving pruning shears. a paisley tie, and an apparent plot to kill this guy, the beebs. pop star justin beach as we approach the bottom of the hour. top of the news. playing sports is just my whole life.
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common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. >> harris: teenage super star justin beach the target of an alleged murder plot to say the least. group of men plan to kill the beebs as well as body guard and two others according to court documents they were going to strangle at least two of the victims with a paisley tie and castrate them with pruning shears. that's the alleged mastermind there on the left. is he in prison for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in vermont back in 2000. investigators say he was justin beach fan and has a tattoo of the teenage star on his leg. we are told he got upset when beach would not respond to his letters and decided to kill him. then he apparently got cold feet and confess to the whole thing. all three suspects facing charges of conspiracy to
4:30 pm
commit murder. new york city police say they have identified a suspect in that broad daylight execution style killing in midtown manhattan, that's according to the names. the newspaper reporting investigators are looking for a low level criminal from the burrow of queens who may have driven a silver get away car you see here. fox news cannot confirm that on monday, a gunman shot another man dead before he calmly got into that car which turned up in queens. the surveillance picture shows the victim on the right. the shooter on the left about to pull the trigger as we understand. it all happened in the heart of new york city just uptown from times square. the victim was from los angeles and had an arrest record reports he worked at a bank and may have had ties to the music industry. >> this is the fox report. a former united states marine is wasting away in a mexican prison at this hour and reportedly facing threats against his life. his name, john hammer jr.
4:31 pm
he served tours in iraq and afghanistan suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. he was headed to mexico on his way to a surfing trip costa rica. hammer told u.s. border officials in texas he wanted to take with him his great grandfather's antique shotgun. officials told him no problem. locked him up on judge charges. don't bring your great grandfather's shotgun into mexico. if that's against mexican law but they didn't. and john hammer ever since. news conference later told said it's been difficult but he is hanging in there. >> he is tough. a lesser person would have pleaded guilty because they have brought him in without counsel to the courts he said
4:32 pm
i'm not doing it. >> that mom went on to credit the marine corps with making him strong but hammer's parents say they need their son home now and they are appealing for any help they can get. steve harrigan is live in our southeast newsroom. steve, hammer's father says people have threatened his son's life. both parents say they have been getting calls at all hours of the night from that prison. the first call demanded $1,800 to be sent by western union or else their son would be killed. his mother said this was the absolute worse moment of this four month ordeal, here is what she is h. to say. >> it was the longest night of my life, i was physically ill all night long just waiting for the next call and they would call back and trying to stall them to give the embassy time to get him isolated. >> after those attempts at extortion and threats on hammer's life were made, he was moved from the general prison population into a storage room, harris.
4:33 pm
four months of this and now reports surfacing that jailers are chaining him to his bed. >> that's right. we spoke to his lawyer in mexico city this morning for a time hammer was chained to his bed but currently not being chained there. i asked his father about this. his father visited the prison and said while he was there that john hammer was in fact chained to the bed. here is what the father had to say about that. >> they chained him to the bed so that they could feel safe is he not going to run away and they are not going to get in trouble. >> clear on the border entrance to mexico. signs posted do not bring firearms into mexico but hammer's family claimed this 60-year-old rifle that belonged to his great grandfather that hammer declared it on both sides of the border customs agent both u.s. and mexicans and he was told it would be okay, harris. >> harris: steve harrigan staying on the story tonight. thank you very much. software mow juggle john mcafeces he has been acting crazy on purpose.
4:34 pm
he admits faking a heart attack that sent him to the hospital last week. as you may know mcafee founded the antivirus program for commuters that bears his name. john mcafee arriving in the united states last night after weeks of trying to allude police in two different countries. his troubles began last month when police in belize tried to question him about his neighbor's heard. he says he had nothing to do with it and accusations are part of a government plot. then mcafee went on the run. escape next door to guatemala. police there caught him and all set to send him back to belize when he developed a sudden medical condition sending him back to the hospital in an ambulance. we all know he was faking. still it helped going back to belize and guatemala ended up just shipping mcafee back to his home country america. today he had a special message for everybody who has been falling his saga. >> you people at home, seriously, what are you doing? you are living your lives. you are living your lives through other people.
4:35 pm
right now through me. get off the sofa and turn off this tv set. what are you doing? [ laughter ] >> harris: this guy loves a news conference. well, he made it on tv and now question what will happen to john mcafee next. phil keating live in miami beach. any chance that the u.s. sends him back to belize at this point? >> harris, that chance absolutely still exists but it depends on the police in bleez if they change person of interest to someone critically liable in the shooting death of gregory, the exneighbor of mcafee down in belize who was complaining of his dogs and then shot by bullets in his apartment down the street from mcafee. the cops down there wanted to talk to mcafee ever since this happened in early november. he went on the run but today he insists he he has nothing to hide. >> i want to make this clear for the 100th time i have absolutely nothing to do with the murder in belize.
4:36 pm
this is not about a murder in belize. >> so at this point there is absolutely no extradition request from belize. it hasn't reached that point. and the fbi tells us at this point it has no involvement with this case. harris? >> harris: is he like a self-made celebrity, this guy. i understand he has few minutes ago. left his hotel behind me and now taking a stroll northbound here gorgeous ocean drive with all the art dzeko hotels. earlier he did some shopping and he was caught by a miami geraldo photographer ink there on his back. when he is walking around he is not only surrounded by cameras from not only national but international as well tourists using pictures with him. mcafee he likes to hear in south beach no longer in
4:37 pm
central american jail. >> i like to walk around. i like the fact that there is no one trying to shoot me. i'm very happy being here. >> 20-year-old girlfriend samantha as does his other girlfriend 18-year-old named amy. mcafeces they are in hiding for his own safety but he is trying to get the state department to help get him here soon lovely south beach. harris? >> harris: people posing for pictures. no official charges against this guy but they do want to talk to him about his neighbor's murder. >> yeah. we were talking about that with some of the tourists. he is a suspect to a degree by police in belize for a murder. but still he has become so widely known thanks to his blogs and nonstop tv coverage or the last several weeks set latest spectacle as you said. >> harris: phil keating live in miami beach. thank you very much. child sex abuse accusations against a major nonprofit
4:38 pm
organization. a doctor now claiming that the man who ultimately became the ceo of moose international molested him more than three decades ago. that organization has some 1800 moose lodges across the u.s. and other countries which it says are dedicated to community service. now the accuser telling fox news coverage of the trial of expenn state coach jerry sandusky motivated him to come forward. john roberts is live for us in charlotte, north carolina. john? >> only 1800 lodges across the country. child city and school for needy children attached to moose international headquarters. officials told me late this afternoon they have not been able to get in touch. nor have we. we tried all day. he is out of the country apparently on a cruise with his wife celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in his absence moose international provided me with this statement this afternoon saying quote the moose fraternity is shocked by this allegation as this is not the k.
4:39 pm
the moose organization is not a party to this lawsuit consistent with board lawsuit. mr. airey will not be in contact with residential students at moose heart until further notice. the man who brought this suit dr. jason peck told me in an exclusive interview that he was befriended by airey at the age of 11 or 12 when they lived in columbus, ohio. that he would take him to many moose related events some of them overnight trips that his mother actually gave the blessing for it was on one of those overnight trips in ohio that peck told me airey allegedly sexually assaulted him. >> it was in the middle of the night. the room was pitch black. i was shocked, very scared. i recall tears coming down my face and wetting the pillow behind me and i laid perfectly still and pretty much just kind of went into shock mode. and i didn't know if i was
4:40 pm
going to be hurt or injured if i tried to fight back so i didn't. of hockey player thorn flurry coming forward to say that he had been sexually abused as a junior hockey player he thought to himself if a tough guy like flurry would come forward so could i. harris? >> harris: it's sad that there are so many of these stories and victims to come forward. john roberts, thank you very much. a holiday surprise for many apple fans. the long awaited return of google maps and what it means for iphone users where to go and how to get there.
4:41 pm
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>> harris: iphone users who i guess tend to get lost getting some good news the google maps app. is back and available for download. in september, if you are an apple owner you know apple replaced google maps with its own built-in navigation system and people were complaining big time. apple's version misplaced land marks, overlooked towns and sometimes got them completely lost. australian police saying apple maps were 40 miles lost and left users there dangerously stranded in the outback. things got so bad apple's ceo issued a public apology, that's never good and recommended use other company's maps through web browsers. starting today apple loyalists are putting faith in the little blue dot. google maps ranked first among all free downloads in the apps store. adam shapiro joins me now. adam you were giving tutorial. yours still isn't working. >> this is an apple and iphone 5. i put in my home address there
4:45 pm
in new york city. you see that red dot? that's my home address. right in the middle of central park. >> you don't live in central park. >> fortunately i don't live in the middle of central park. it's about 30 blocks off. it's never functioned properly. the question is why? is the google map really that much better? if you have an android phone with a google map system it worked really great. had you great mapping. now, with the apple iphone and the new google app. you get the same mapping. you get great mapping. investors and people who use iphones are loving the new google application. it's the number one download from the apple i store. and of the thousands upon thousands of people who have downloaded the application between last night and today 90% have given it a 5-star rating. apple has just scored a victory. they now have an equally good map as their competitor phone on android system. >> harris: you said we should smell something here? >> that's the conspiracy. a lot of people are thinking this is a black eye for apple. this is a company that makes terrific products. has incredibly good software
4:46 pm
and has a dud of a no good application in their own mapping system. when they divorce themselves from google, google was competing with them with the android phones and they weren't getting as good of a map. they now have as good a map. the apple share price went down today. it was off 2%. google share price went up. but you now have an iphone that will compete with a samsung you know galaxy with an android operating system and have equal mapping capability. the iphone now has good a map system through google as the android. apple scores that way. >> harris: wow, okay. i would imagine investors all around probably happy. >> they will be happy. they will start buying apple shares again. discount down 2% today perhaps for other reasons. >> harris: move out of central park. >> you got it. >> harris: unemployment applications dropping for the fourth straight week. the labor department reporting jobless claims fell to 343,000 a two month low in the second
4:47 pm
lowest level all year. it's a good sign companies are cutting fewer jobs. they also have to begin hiring to bring down the unemployment rate. gas prices fell big time last month at the fastest rate in more than three years. analysts say that's helped keep overall inflation in check price at the pump still going down. average price of a gallon of regular unleaded 3.30 a drop 14 cents since last month. a tropical i storm tears through destroying lives. two people dead. our top story as we go arend a the world in 80 seconds. >> is sam samoa. local media report wind gusts 130 miles per hour. uprooted trees and downed power lines blocking roads as heavy rain and high surf pounded the south pacific island. several homes reportedly damaged or destroyed.
4:48 pm
officials declaring a safety disaster. russia. hundreds of people flock toward an erupting volcano in the far east. some tourists reportedly paying up to a thousand bucks to pose in front of molten rocks and burning trees. the volcano started spewing ash and lava last month. first eruption in more than 40 years. peru the fully reconstructed face of a priest hood who ruled some 800 years ago now on display in a museum in the northwest. archaeologists found her remains in a tomb last year. they used old photographs of local women and computer generated images for the reconstruction. sweden, a 40-foot tall straw christmas ghost up in flames in a town square north of stockholm. putting it together has been a holiday tradition since 1966. but apparently so is burning it officials say suspected arsonists have set fire 39 times they did it after police
4:49 pm
hosed it down hours earlier. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds: >> harris: the latest export from china seems to be college students. more and more chinese scholars are attend iting american institutions these days. supporters say it helps the university pay their bills but critics argue this trend has a downside. this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with uimited talk and text. by htc for $49.99. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right.
4:50 pm
i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>> harris: the hottest new thing in china seems to be the student, and at a time when student loan debt is greater than credit card debt, schools are increasingly looking overseas for a boost. according to a recent report, college kids from china now make up a quarter of all international students in american universities. the schools claim it helps
4:53 pm
with their bottom line and improves graduation rates. some even sending faculty abroad to attract potential students to come here. but some experts say many of them struggle with english and teachers wind up using value i can't believe classroom time to accommodate them. claudia cowan with more live from our san francisco newsroom. claudia? >> harris, the surge is being driven in large part by that country's booming economy. it means for the first time in china's history millions of families can afford to send their children to american colleges and universities. because they are willing to pay full freight, often tens of thousands of dollars in tuition, chinese students are coveted, indeed many u.s. colleges and universities today actively recruit in china. while the influx has led to greater diversity on campus it has also brought challenges, chief among them the language barrier. chinese students have had use-to-use head sets from english to man darr written translation. enrolls hundreds of students
4:54 pm
china one administrator quit over that school's aggressive recruiting policy. many campuses say they are trying to strike a balance as they work to accommodate some young people coming primarily from one country. >> if you go into a business class and 80% of the students there are chinese, that's not what the chinese wanted and that's not what the 20% of americans were expecting, either. >> even so, many u.s. colleges are stepping up their recruiting efforts. some are even having their professors learn about chinese culture and traditions to help these students better engage in class. harris? >> harris: claudia, thank you. the olympic runner with no legs stunned fans this past summer in london. enough to he has hit the track against a new kind of competition blade runner going head to head with a horse. we'll show you who won the race. first, the man who helped create the bar code which appears on nearly everything we buy has died. norman joseph woodland worked
4:55 pm
on the manhattan project the u.s. military's atomic bomb development team. he later dropped out oof graduate school to develop the bar code. later 67-cent package of wriggly's chewing game was the first to sell with the pbc. 5 billion products are scanned and traced and tracked worldwide every day. norman joseph woodland dead today at 91. ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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others with disability. >> it wasn't about who won today. it was about coming out here and really just showing people disabilities, you know,. >> harris: all right again he won. to be fair business torous prix storous. since he was stallion few would claim he had advantage in the end. president obama and john boehner meeting face to face for the second time this week to work on a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. ambassador susan rice withdrawing herself from consideration to replace secretary of state hillary clinton. what she calls a very politicized confirmation process. on this day in 1636 a court formally recognized the military organization that would become the national guard. the general court of the massachusetts bay clone ordered the clone's militia into three regiments. also established that all able bodied men between the ages o

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